How to Survive a 60-Hour Work Week

9 Tips to Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy It isn’t uncommon to have a 60-hour workweek occasionally, but some individuals find themselves repeatedly working these extra-long hours. If you are one of them, you may feel overworked which can affect your health, both mentally and physically. In addition to health problems, long weeks can take a […]

The Power of Body Language in the Workplace

A gesture, a smile and eye contact can be the make or break of you. How we use our body can say a lot about us. If you drop your shoulders and cross your arms, you’ll appear defensive and depressed. Whereas if your shoulders are raised, your head is held high and your palms are open, […]

Pros and Cons of Decision-making in a “Democratic” Style

Decision-making in a “democratic” style (also called consensus decision-making) seems like a way to achieve the best results from the decisions made in the workplace. If you can get all members of a group to agree on a decision, you will create a decision that everyone likes, respects, and supports. That’s the theory – but […]

FPT Services receives MSI’s Regional ‘Best Warranty Service Partner’ award for the first time

Achieving the highest score among 32 authorized warranty units nominated in 18 countries, FPT Services is honored to receive the ‘Best MSI Service Partner Award’ in the Indo-Pacific region awarded by MSI. Focusing on improving service quality and constantly upgrading modern machinery systems to meet high-class requirements from partners, FPT Services has made steady progress […]

How to choose a smartwatch

Jogging has become a popular sports trend in Vietnam recently. Jogging not only helps improve health but also effectively improves mood and reduces stress. Along with that, health monitoring devices, especially smartwatches, have become an indispensable item for runners. A smartwatch can help you track speed, distance, heart rate and more during your run. They […]

10 Steps to Take When You’ve Made a Mistake at Work

Turn a “woops” into a “woohoo”. If there’s one thing that history books can teach us, it’s that mistakes have existed for as long as human beings have. Take the mighty Trojans, for example, who accepted the wooden horse as a gift of peace, granting the Greek soldiers inside it an entrance into Troy. Or […]
How the explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact Your Career

How the explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact Your Career

The emergence of ChatGPT has made artificial intelligence the biggest topic right now. This AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, which is also supported by Microsoft, is well-known for its capacity to respond to inquiries, compose articles, and even engage in debating activities. How technology will impact our jobs and careers is another “hot” question that […]

The Next Era of Work Will Be About Skills, Not Pedigree

Companies have long utilized criteria including as qualifications, years of experience, and other background “signals” to evaluate candidates and select who will be hired. usage along the procedure, even thinking about promotion. However as time passes, this model’s flaws become increasingly obvious: According to 61% of company leaders polled by LinkedIn recently, it’s difficult to […]