Company profile


Synnex FPT has been honored with prestigious awards for many years for distributors from prestigious partners.

2021 Top distributor Award 

2021  Distributor of The Year FY21 

2021  Champion of Champions (APJ) 

2015 Top Distributor 

2017 Top Client Solution Commercial Distributor Category 

2017 Top Indochina  Commercial Distributor Category

2017 Best Distributor Notebook & Desktop  

2020 Best Regional Distributor of the Year (CSB Partner Award)

2020 Best Country Distributor of the Year (CSB Partner Award)

2021 APJ Channel Distributor of the Year

2021 The Best Storage + Performance Distributor

2021 The Best Client SnS Performance Distributor

2021 Global Distributor of the Year

2021 Top Storage Platform & Solutions Partner Of the Year

2018 Partner Performance Award Client Computing Group

2019 Partner of The Year Client  Computing Group


    2013 Top Performance

2015 Top Performance


2012 Award of Excellence


2017 Top New Partner


2007-2010 Golden Partner

2015 Top Performance Distributor

2017 Top Distributor

2018 Top SMB Partner

2018 – 2020 Top Distributor

2015 Top Performance Distributor 

2017 APJ Distributor of the Year 

2017 Distributor of the year-HP Business Personal Systems 

2017 Distributor of the year-HP Printing Systems – Hardware 

2017 HPE Distributor of the year 

2018 Aruba highest Growth

2019 The Best Distributor Business Personal Systems

2019 The Best Distributor Printing Systems

2020 HPI FY2020 – Best Growth Distributor-Printing Systems


2009 ASEAN Distributor of the year for InfraStruXure Solution


2019 Incredible Partner


2010 Golden Partner

2014 Top Performance Distributor 

2015 Top Performance Distributor 

2018 Extraordinary Contribution Award


2005 Performance award for successful market growth of Toshiba Data Projectors in Viet Nam

2010 Best year – on – year growth award 2009

2010 Most contribution to ISP 3 Million Units Notebooksales FY2010

2013 Best Value Added Distributor 

2015 Top Performance Distributor 

2017 Top Performance Distributor

2018 Top Value Added Distributor for IBM System  Solutions

2019 VAD of The Year for IBM System Solutions

2020 VAD of The Year for IBM System Solutions

2013 Best Performance Business Partner 

2017 Best Commercial Distributor

2018 Top Commercial Distribution 

2019 Best Distributor

2021 Best Gaming Performance Distributor


2012 Award of Excellence


1996 Highest Growth Award

1996 Appreciation of your contributions


2010 Appreciation Certificate


1996-2010 Golden Partner

Business model

Synnex FPT provides diversified business cooperation models, suitable for each partner’s products, according to strategic sales channels and targeting potential customer segments.

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Agent System

The agent network covers 63 provinces and cities across the country, helping Synnex FPT bring partners’ products to all customer segments.

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Financial ability

Synnex FPT has strong financial resources, supported by major domestic banks. Prestige and vision of sustainable business development are the most important things that Synnex FPT aims to.


million USD

Credit for agents


million USD

9 banks

Bank credit


triệu USD

Credit for suppliers

Logistics Service Providers


With nearly 30 years of experience in Vietnam, Synnex FPT has the ability to carry out all services related to import and export such as customs clearance, conformity with regulations, delivery, import license, etc.


In addition to the large warehouse area in 4 major cities and provinces, Synnex FPT can provide goods-related services such as labeling, packing, warehousing, etc. A professional and modern goods management system helps Synnex FPT to always be ready to supply goods to the market according to the demand.


Delivery services are deployed according to customer requirements in a professional and efficient manner. Besides a team of direct delivery to customers in 4 provinces: Hanoi, DN, HCM, CT, Synnex FPT also cooperates with reputable domestic and foreign carriers to deliver goods to other provinces.

Service network

11 service centers in 9 major cities

Synnex FPT has an extensive network of warranty centers to ensure professional and efficient after-sales service. In addition to authorized warranty services of brands, Synnex FPT also provides extended warranty services, repairs of computer and telephone equipment.

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