Synnex FPT and IBM sponsor Vietnam – ASIA DX Summit 2022

On May 25 and 26, Vietnam – ASIA DX Summit 2022 took place. in this event, Synnex FPT and IBM, ones of the sponsors of the event, attended and shared about potential solution of digital transformation applied to supply chain system. With the theme “Together for digital transformation”, Vietnam – ASIA DX Summit 2022 attracted […]

Synnex FPT: Upgrading from “Trading” to “Service”

Synnex FPT aims at gulfing the most market share in the industry of products and technology solutions, meanwhile joining the other industry and reach the goal of 2 bilion-dollah revenue in 2022. That is the first step on the journey of bringing distribution onto a new level which includes not only the products but also […]
Các em nhỏ Hope School nhận máy tính từ Synnex FPT trao tặng. Ảnh: ĐVCC

Synnex FPT gifts 50 PCs to kids at Hope School

50 PCs were just sent by Synnex FPT as gifts to Hope School in purpose of meeting kids’ need of education. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Le, Director of Social Responsibility of Synnex FPT, said after encouraged by The Labour Union of FPT, Synnex FPT quickly prepared and transported 50 PCs to support Hope School students’ […]

IBM FlashSystem 5035: Out-of-the-league features

The IBM FlashSystem 5035 owns the best features which includes IBM’s optimal and high-infidelity technology. This is believed to be a heavy-weight contender in the market for young companies. Designed as a product for entry-level enterprises, the IBM FlashSystem 5035 holds within itself the strength to drive the whole storage centers of developing companies. And, […]

Three tips to excel at salary negotiations

It’s official: You’ve secured a promising post-graduation job offer! Now comes the tricky part: Salary negotiations. For decades, employees were indirectly—and sometimes expressly—told to refrain from “money talk” in the workplace and amongst peers. All of this created an environment that made salary negotiations a sticky situation. But that’s changing. There’s now a greater acceptance […]

Stressed and burned out? Quitting your job may not help

The Great Resignation is set to continue, and young and burned out workers will be leading the charge. That’s according to the Deloitte Global 2022 Gen Z and millennial survey. Burnout was cited as one of the top three reasons for why young people are leaving their jobs, according to the global survey which found that […]