LinkedIn’s 20 most popular courses in 2022 are all free to take right now

Millions of people are taking online courses to level up their goal-setting, communication and technical skills this year, according to LinkedIn Learning, which recently released its top 20 most popular classes of 2022 so far.

The e-learning platform says some 7.3 million people have tuned into the top classes on the site — nearly double the audience during the same time period last year.

The most popular course, a 34-minute series on goal-setting taught by Google people development expert Jessie Withers, teaches learners how to set and reach strategic objectives with their teams — an important skillset at any time but perhaps even more so as companies respond to mounting economic pressures.

Interest in e-learning spiked during Covid with people stuck at home, and it remains high. According to LinkedIn Learning user data, users are logging on in droves to learn both soft skills (especially around communication and teamwork) and technical ones (like Excel, Python and SQL). Notably, economists say some of the most “recession-proof” skills include communication, flexibility and project management.


LinkedIn Learning is completely free for the 20 most popular courses now through August 31.

LinkedIn Learning is making its top 20 most popular courses of the year free to access through Aug. 31. Here’s what’s available:

1. Goal Setting: Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Instructor: Jessie Withers

Course description: Understand the power of strategic goals through how to set, manage and measure OKRs.

Course link

2. Excel Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365)

Instructor: Dennis Taylor

Course description: Learn basic Excel skills such as organizing data and performing calculations with simple functions, then preview intermediate skills like building charts, PivotTables and more.

Course link

3. Interpersonal Communication

Instructor: Dorie Clark

Course description: Advice for dealing with interruptions, receiving critical feedback and communicating across cultures.

Course link

4. Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Instructor: Gemma Leigh Roberts

Course description: Hear examples of growth-mindset success, backed by research in the fields of performance and psychology, plus real-world advice that you can put to use.

Course link

5. Project Management Foundations

Instructor: Bonnie Biafore

Course description: Learn to set clear project goals and objectives, meet deadlines and close out projects. Plus, tips on how to communicate effectively with your project team.

Course link

6. Using Questions to Foster Critical Thinking and Curiosity

Instructor: Joshua Miller

Course description: Learn how curiosity and critical thinking can help you open doors and opportunities. Plus, a look at social media’s role in asking questions, and how to effectively answer thought-provoking questions.

Course link

7. Essentials of Team Collaboration

Instructor: Dana Brownlee

Course description: Keep teams in sync by exploring communication styles, clarifying team and individual purposes, and creating opportunities for collaborative work.

Course link

8. Unconscious Bias

Instructor: Stacey Gordon

Course description: Identify some of the most common forms of unconscious bias and learn strategies for effectively addressing them within yourself and your organization.

Course link

9. Learning Python

Instructor: Joe Marini

Course description: Unpack basic Python syntax and learn how to construct and run a simple Python program.

Course link

10. Communicating with Confidence

Instructor: Jeff Ansell

Course description: Organize your thoughts, use body language to better express ideas and overcome anxiety.

Course link

11. Speaking Confidently and Effectively

Instructor: Pete Mockaitis

Course description: Deliver impactful presentations by shifting your focus away from yourself to gain confidence, using body language and tone to deliver consistent messaging, and crafting a plan to recover from a worst-case-scenario incident.

Course link

12. Learning the OWASP Top 10

Instructor: Caroline Wong

Course description: Get an overview of the 2021 Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 security threats, with insights about the prevalence and impact of each threat.

Course link

13. Power BI Essential Training

Instructor: Gini von Courter

Course description: Learn to use Power BI, the business analytics tools, to create and share impactful visualizations.

Course link

14. Strategic Thinking

Instructor: Dorie Clark

Course description: Embrace a strategic mindset, use past lessons to shape your future vision, be detailed in your strategic thinking and share this skill with your team.

Course link

15. SQL Essential Training

Instructor: Bill Weinman

Course description: Learn the major features of SQL using SQLiteStudio, an intuitive and accessible database management software.

Course link

16. Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Instructor: Gemma Leigh Roberts

Course description: Learn about emotional intelligence, why it’s important in the workplace and how to hone it.

Course link

17. Communication Foundations

Instructor: Brenda Bailey-Hughes and Tatiana Kolovou

Course description: Learn about the four building blocks of communication — people, message, context and listening — and how to apply them in meetings, email messages, pitches and presentations.

Course link

18. Agile Foundations

Instructor: Doug Rose

Course description: Learn about the values covered in the Agile Manifesto, plus how to enhance communication with user stories and cross-functional teams.

Course link

19. Digital Marketing Foundations

Instructor: Brad Batesole

Course description: Learn about online marketing, plus how to define your value proposition, identify your target market, and establish your goals and key performance indicators (or KPIs).

Course link

20. Critical Thinking

Instructor: Mike Figliuolo

Course description: Define the problem you’re trying to solve and develop critical thinking skills.

Course link


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