7 Things You Should Never Do When Beginning a New Job

Beginning a new job is exciting and terrifying at the same time. It gives you the opportunity to start over, learn new things, refresh your skills, take on new challenges, and even make some new work friends. While that all sounds great, you may be worried about whether your new coworkers will be welcoming and […]

3 Strategies to Stop Overthinking And Make Faster Decisions

Stop overanalyzing at work. It’s holding you back. Let’s talk about how to spot overanalyzing and three ways to make it stop. Overanalyzing usually looks like a pained face with an internal circular monologue going around and around on your options. If this sounds familiar, know that you’re definitely not alone. Research shows that over […]

Phone interview tips to help you impress the employer

While you’re job searching, it’s important to be prepared for a phone interview at a moment’s notice. Many companies start the interview process with a phone call to discuss the job opportunity with a prospective employee, determine whether the candidate is a good fit, and gauge their interest in the position. In some cases, a phone interview may be […]

The importance of non-verbal communication

Nonverbal communication refers to gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, eye contact (or lack thereof), body language, posture, and other ways people can communicate without using language. When you’re interviewing for a job or participating in a meeting, your nonverbal communication is almost as important as your verbal responses. Anthropologist Ray Birdwhistell’s study of kinesics found […]

The top abilities in each field to prepare you for the new era

What work skills are necessary to impress employers or achieve current career objectives more effectively? Do you understand the distinction between hard and soft skills? How can you tell prospective employers about your abilities, knowledge, and successes? Update your skills on your resume The best place to “show off” your abilities, talents, and strengths is […]
6 steps to accomplish your goals and resolutions

6 steps to accomplish your goals and resolutions

Setting specific, measurable goals can help you build a fulfilling career Whether you’re a mid-career professional or new to the workforce, setting goals is a crucial part of career development. By setting goals, you’ll have something to work toward, rather than feeling stuck—or worse, ending up in a job you don’t like. Simply setting goals […]

How Bill Gates avoids burnout at work

There are times when we feel exhausted, anxious, and insecure in any career, therefore it is not surprising that the term “burnout” in the office is a professional phenomenon recognized by WHO Bill Gates has retired from Microsoft and is focusing on charity initiatives. He is presumably not anxious or stressed about work at the […]
What are collaborative skills Why is it important in the workplace

What are collaborative skills? Why is it important in the workplace?

You’ve probably heard a lot about teamwork, collaboration, and how important these things are. Today, though, let’s define cooperative abilities and discuss the elements that contribute to their development as well as the implications for your job. Simply explained, cooperation is the ability to connect and cooperate with others in order to achieve shared objectives. […]