Synnex FPT wins the ‘Top Distribution Partner Award’ by Cisco for the 7th time in a row

With impressive results including its strong sales growth and highest market share among Cisco’s distributors, Synnex FPT has just been awarded the Top Distribution Partner Award FY21 by Cisco. This marks the 7th consecutive year Synnex FPT has won the award.

On the afternoon of December 15, 2021, the online event Cisco Partner Appreciation Digital Day was held to appreciate the distributors who contribute to Cisco’s remarkable growth this year. During the event, Synnex FPT, with its outstanding achievements, was named in the category of ‘Top Distribution Partner Award FY21’. This award was presented to the only partner that had the best sales performance of the year. For 7 years in a row, Synnex FPT has been staying the number one distributor for Cisco.

During the event, Mr. Le Vinh Thanh, General Manager, Synnex FPT, shared, “I am very proud as Synnex FPT won the highest prize by Cisco. This demonstrates the results of our sustainable distribution strategies and our added-value services in order to bring the best benefits to our customers and partners. Synnex FPT will continue to develop new potential markets and accompany Cisco in maintaining its top market share status in cable products in Vietnam”.

Off from the event, representatives from Cisco Vietnam had time for sharing and communicating with its distribution partners and agencies about its market share-widening strategies, product development direction, and new solutions and vision for the coming year. “Covid-19 has been causing the economy in general and Cisco in particular difficulties. However, in many ways, and thanks to the accompany of our beloved partners, we had a successful year. 25 percent of cable product market share in Vietnam is a wonderful number that Cisco reached in the year 2021. Our goal in FY22 will focus on the CDA market share and invest more strongly in digital transformation”, said Mrs. Luong Thi Le Thuy, General Manager, Cisco Vietnam. Aside from that, Mrs. Luong acknowledged and highly appreciated recommendations and positive insights into improving product quality and new technology solutions for the purpose of serving its customers the best. The highest representative of Cisco Vietnam sent the best wishes to its distributors, hoping they reach more success in years to come.

The event attracted more than 300 guests including representatives from Cisco Vietnam and representatives from its distributors with the aim of updating the latest technology trends, and strategic direction, and paying tributes to its partners with impressive achievements of the year. This can also be seen as an opportunity for Cisco’s partners to meet, communicate, and exchange experience and direction in Cisco product sales orientation next year.

Synnex FPT officially distributed Cisco products in 2005. Cisco’s key products include cable products and Wi-fi routers for companies and families, servers, security products,… Since 2015, Synnex FPT has maintained its sales performance and the top tier as Cisco’s distributor in Vietnam. Synnex FPT’s strategic vision is to become a world-class billion-USD company, providing products, solutions, and services with the best-added values that help actualize every partner and customer’s growth opportunity.

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