Synnex FPT expands product portfolio with Dynabook laptop

Back with the ambition to expand the laptop product ecosystem, Dynabook company officially distributes products in Vietnam market. On the occasion of the event ‘Signing and awarding distributor certificates‘ on March 7, we had a quick discussion with Mr. Nguyen Dang Linh – representative of Dynabook Vietnam about our expectations and product development strategy in the near future.

Synnex FPT: Could you tell us what is waiting for the two sides after becoming each other’s strategic partners?

Mr. Nguyen Dang Linh (Dynabook brand representative in Vietnam): Synnex FPT is a leading and reputable IT distributor in Vietnam. You have an incredibly good sales and marketing team, able to bring IT products to a nationwide dealer network. Therefore, Dynabook really wants to cooperate with Synnex FPT to distribute this strategic laptop product line. I believe that with this cooperation, Dynabook laptop products will reach consumers through a supply chain that is a system of agents and system integrators nationwide.

Synnex FPT: Could you please share about Dynabook’s development strategy in the Vietnam market in the coming year?

Mr. Nguyen Dang Linh (Dynabook brand representative in Vietnam): Dynabook focuses on the line of business computers to serve operations in businesses and users, especially Japanese businesses in Vietnam. In addition, with the cooperation with Synnex FPT, Dynabook would like to reach out more to system integrators and project support units in Vietnam to bring products to many different customer groups.

Synnex FPT: How do you evaluate the distribution market of corporate laptops during and after the Covid 19 pandemic?

Mr. Nguyen Dang Linh (Dynabook brand representative in Vietnam): In 2021, the laptop market increased sharply in number due to the high demand for online work and study. However, due to many difficulties in production, there was a shortage of goods and could not meet the market demand. It is forecasted that in 2022, the need to equip laptops for businesses will still be very large due to the restructuring process for more compact and efficient. The market will tend to choose business notebook products that are durable, well-configured and affordable. That’s why Dynabook introduces mid-range business notebooks like the C40-J, which balance performance and cost.

Thank you and wish the relationship between the two sides to be stronger and more flourished!

About Dynabook

Launching its first products in 1996, Toshiba is a well-known & long-standing technology brand in Vietnam and the world market. At the end of 2018, this giant decided to sell the laptop business to Sharp, and Dynabook was born from there. In the near future, in 2022, Synnex FPT will focus on distributing C40-J laptops – one of the key products with durable and beautiful criteria, suitable for the business segment, office and general users.

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