Synnex FPT expands strategic cooperation with Synology storage products

At the recent distributor announcement event between Synnex FPT and Synology, representatives of the two firms declared their willingness to cooperate and bring Synology products to strong development in the near future.

The representative of Synology Vietnam identified that this is a golden opportunity to join hands with one of the potential and experienced distributors like Synnex FPT. This bilateral partnership will bring positive growth signals to the storage device segment in the next 3 years. To discuss and share more deeply about strategic goals as well as development opportunities, Synnex FPT had a quick chat with Ms. Jola Le – Sales Representative of Synology Vietnam.

Synnex FPT: How does Synology evaluate the growth opportunities of both parties after this strategic cooperation agreement?

Ms. Jola Le – Sales Representative of Synology Vietnam: Over the past years, Synology has noticed a rapid increase in customer demand in Vietnam, especially after establishing the “new normal”. Therefore, this is the “golden” time to expand the market, bringing Synology’s devices and solutions to more users. The strategic cooperation between Synology and Synnex FPT, one of the leading distributors in Vietnam, will definitely bring great benefits, meet all the current needs and promote the growth objectives of both parties.

Synnex FPT: Could you please tell me how COVID-19 has created opportunities as well as challenges for the need to equip data storage & protection solutions in organizations’ operations?

Ms. Jola Le – Sales Representative of Synology Vietnam: Covid 19 has brought many challenges to the data access and protection of enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises. Employees have to work remotely, leading to a lot of cyber-attacks. Therefore, the protection of enterprise data is essential. However, according to our observations, small and medium enterprises in Vietnam tend to store data in traditional ways with many shortcomings like management difficulties and high costs. According to Synology’s mission is to solve this problem, we have launched product lines to suit each business data protection need.

Synnex FPT: Can you share about Synology’s strategy when collaborating with Synnex FPT to develop business in the Vietnam market?

Ms. Jola Le – Sales Representative of Synology Vietnam: Vietnam is an enormous and potential market. With this combination, we are looking forward to expanding the distribution channel, promoting the demand for storage devices of individual users and business users. We believe that this cooperation with Synnex FPT will help Synology’s image and services be promoted more widely, reach different audiences and diversify market segments. Consequently, it not only helps Vietnamese businesses in digital transformation, but also individual users in data storage and protection.

About Synology
At the forefront of the data management field, Synology is always innovating to adapt to the ever-changing technology, while continuing to deliver solutions for storage, data backup, file sharing, monitoring system and network infrastructure. All of these were designed with the common goal of creating a centralized platform to simplify IT management and encourage digital transformation for enterprises all over the world.

About Synnex FPT
With nearly 30 years of distribution experience in the domestic market, Synnex FPT has contributed to bringing millions of high-quality products and technology solutions to Vietnamese consumers. The channel system of more than 3800 agents and 8000 points of sale, the optimal sales support policy and the comprehensive digital management solution of Synnex FPT are the factors that ensure a perfect goods supply chain.

Overview of the signing ceremony and awarding the distributor certificate: CLICK HERE

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