Synnex FPT awarded Top Growth Distributor – Printing Solutions’ award for FY21 by HPI

With a growth of 145% in family and individual printing, and 45% in the enterprise-level printing, Synnex FPT excellently won the ‘Top Growth Distributor- Printing Solutions’ award for the 4th time.

At the HP Vietnam Day 2022 event, Synnex FPT was awarded ‘Top Growth Distributor – Printing Solutions in 2021’. This was the fourth time Synnex FPT had won this precious award. For the year 2021, Synnex FPT completed a remarkable sprint to achieve a significant growth in the field of printing solutions for families and individuals (145%), and enterprises (45%), and in the same time, brought the total growth of the printing industry up to 83%.

This year’s HP Vietnam Day 2022 introduced a fresh topic with the appearances of noticeable speakers from HP’s 2021 partners. During the event, attendances were enlightened with speeches of new strategies and announcements of innovative ideas, services, and new products all for the purpose of bringing Vietnamese customers closer to the new development era in the coming time.

Mr Ng, Tian Chong, Managing Director, Greater Asia, HP Inc., said: “Over the past year, you have seized opportunities and managed your sales channels and product well to achieve outstanding growth. HP believes that Synnex FPT has always been an important and reliable strategic partner with a long and sustained history of working together. We appreciate your efforts in actively expanding markets, diversifying distribution channels, and constantly improving the customer experience. I believe HP and Synnex FPT will enjoy even more impressive results in the near future”.

In the past, Synnex FPT has, for many occasions, been honored by HP for its excellent achievements throughout the years, which are the Best Distributor of Computers and Printers for Enterprises in 2 consecutive years (2017 and 2018), and the Best Distributor of Printers in 2020. With almost 30-year experience in the distribution industry in Vietnam and a dynamic network of sellers across the country, Synnex FPT’s ambition is to become a world-class company worth of billion USD.

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