Lenovo ThinkBook 13X: The game changer – Modern design, highly portable

Slim, light, compact and classy with two main gray and white tones, the Lenovo ThinkBook 13X is the perfect high-performance notebook that you can carry anywhere.

Proved to have outshined its predecessor, the 13″ series promise to bring more success with the X-series. Possessing a long battery life, more stable performance and famous for its ultra-light design, the ThinkBook 13X deserves to be a must-have notebook for every businessman.

Lenovo’s current design trends and philosophy make users relatively satisfied. Not too groundbreaking, but creating a sense of luxury, two dark and light gray patches give a modern & luxurious touch. Crafted from aluminum and magnesium alloys, the high-tech manufactured edges both bring a sleek look and make the grip feel smoother. Slim and light design with a weight of 1.5kg and famous embossed logo, Lenovo ThinkBook 13X helps users to easily carry the laptop anywhere.

The left side of the notebook is arranged with two Thunderbolt 4 ports to help easily transfer data at 40Gbps, connect an 8K display or connect an external GPU. In addition, the ThinkBook 13X also has an additional 3.5mm audio jack port like regular laptop models. The right edge has a single power button that acts as a fingerprint sensor. Overall, this is considered the only laptop model with good quality and completion up to the present time.

QHD 16:10″ touch screen
Owning a fairly solid screen with a size of 13.3″, a 16:10 aspect ratio, ThinkBook 13X has a larger surface area than a screen of the same size 16:9 aspect ratio. The QHD quality feels real in every frame and it also supports 100% sRGB, NTSC, 77% Adobe RGB and 77% P3. Besides, with the above features, the screen can also reach maximum brightness with 105.8 nits of color, maximum contrast ratio of 1,460: 1, just like what Lenovo has committed when product is launched. The only minus point in the 13X is probably the 720p webcam, although the current trend is to raise the definition to HD. Perhaps Lenovo will surprise us with the next 13 X-Series upgraded versions.

Targeting small and medium businesses, ThinkBook optimizes the keyboard and touchpad. Even so, ThinkBook 13X has a fairly smooth and quiet key travel, creating a comfortable feeling when working. Large keycap, neat font, soft sound when typing, the key also has monochrome LED for night work and is equipped with water resistance. And, although it does not have the famous red TrackPoint like the ThinkPad, Lenovo is still excellent in the uniform and efficient key layout on the later ThinkBook lines, especially in the ultra-thin and light version like the 13X mentioned above.

Performance and battery life
Equipped with Intel i5-1130G7, 8GB RAM, a 512GB SSD with an integrated Iris Xe Graphics card, ThinkBook 13X has a relatively perfect multitasking ability and does not experience any jerky or lag. 13X also has a long battery life that can “stand” for about 9 hours if you surf the web continuously with a screen brightness of 150 nits.

ThinkBook 13X products are eligible for premium warranty service under the Lenovo Premier Support package. This package is designed specifically for ThinkPad and ThinkBook products. Accordingly, customers will enjoy this special warranty for a period of 1-3 years. In addition, when buying products of these two lines, customers enjoy the full benefits of the Premier package such as: comprehensive support for hardware and software; On-site warranty, prioritized components, has its own breakdown channel, has a dedicated person for all complaints, and solves problems as quickly as possible.
Having an extremely reasonable price with an enchanting luxurious design, ThinkBook 13X is a mid-range laptop model. Although it is not really better than the 13s Gen 2, the 13X is still in good choice if you are really looking for a stable and highly portable work laptop.

The product is currently distributed by Synnex FPT. Retail price (VAT included): 32,600,000 VND. See product details HERE.

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