Dynabook Statellite Pro C40-J – The comeback of a hero

Just like a fresh breeze through the laptop market for enterprise in Vietnam, Dynabook Satellite Pro C40-J promises to be a worthy opponent to any big names in the same segment. Be with Synnex FPT to discover more about this super hot model!

Having Toshiba supporting from behind, Dynabook is of the signature characteristics of the brand: “Rugged and persistent”. Saying hello to the world of technology in 2022, the Dynabook Satellite C40-J comes equipped with unique features for enterprise customers thanks to its lightweight of 1,49kg, the persistence of the U.S army, and especially the 99% anti-bacteria covering in merits for health.

The minimal and sturdy design of the Dynabook Satellite Pro C40-J

The Dynabook Satellite Pro C40-J pulls on a painting of luxurious black. The top panel was coated with a matte and 99% anti-bacteria paint layer in compliance with Japan standards. This ensures no fingerprints and lessens the effects of bacteria on users. The base panel is made of alloy with military-standard persistence MIL-STD 810G. Having sailed through the strict test HALT (High Accelerated Life Test), the laptop has stood tall against harsh experiments such as drops, underwater, vapor, high atmosphere, etc. The Satellite Pro C40-J’s roundabouts show a feel of classic and firm on hand.

Dynabook Satellite Pro C40-J

The keyboard is designed for long-hour typing working conditions. Plus, the large touchpad with smooth responsiveness guarantees high performance in working.

Dynabook Satellite Pro C40-J

The ports equipped in the Dynabook Satellite Pro C40-J include standard file transfer means, i.e, USB-Type C, USB 3.0, HDMI, SD card, microphone jack, and RJ45.

Optimal configuration

The Dynabook Satellite Pro C40-J comes standard with the 11th-gen VXL Intel Core i5 (i5 1135G7) in pair with the Intel Irus Xe graphics cards, making it 2.7 faster than the 10th generation. With the 4GB RAM (up to 128GB) in combination with the 256 SSD CPU, the laptop provides sufficient data storage and fast task handling. It is safe to say the office tasks or even basic graphics or games are put in safe hands. The Pro C40-J comes ready with Windows 11 Home coupled with optimal improvement in terms of features. Aside from the C40-J, Dynabook also offers the C40-J 04E01W with the Windows 11 Pro in pair which ensures multi-level security, focused on distant management for utmost productivity. Also, there is an option of the Intel Core i3 for those who have lower budgets.

The 14in full-HD 1920×1080 comes with high sharpness, the brightness of 250 nits, and the anti-glare screen prove that you can work in any light conditions. The stereophonic speakers, HD webcam, & micro are our best friends in such a time when work-from-home and online learning are taking their crown.

Dynabook Satellite Pro C40-J

Impressive battery life

Battery life should come to mind when one is looking for laptops for the enterprise. In handling simple tasks, the Satellite Pro C40-J can reach 12.5 hours of use. Meanwhiles, multitasking heavy tasks might dwindle its usage hours down to around 4-6 hours.

Speaking of the balance between configuration, features, and price, the Dynabook Satellite Pro C40-J is the ideal solution for offices for its merits in neat setup but still having standard features for the business environment in line with persistence and security. Especially, this model reminds us of its predecessor hero, the Toshiba Portege which is known for its rugged status. The Dynabook Satellite Pro C40-J promises to turn Vietnamese heads.

This laptop is distributed by Synnex FPT via its agencies across the country. See the full details of the laptop here.

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