Catalyst 8300 Series

Catalyst 8300 với khả năng truy cập đa âm thanh tốc độ cao, khả năng WAN không dây tiên tiến, tính toán và lưu trữ tích hợp, các dịch vụ linh hoạt,...

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Multicore processors

Intel x86 CPU with 8-GB memory default (up to 32 GB memory upgrade)
High-performance multicore processors support high-speed WAN connections.
Dynamic core allocation architecture that can leverage data plane cores for I/O and service plane as per-user configuration

Embedded IPsec VPN hardware acceleration

Up to 5 Gbps of IPSec Internet Mix (IMIX) traffic
Increases scalability for IPSec throughput needs for medium- and large-sized branches
SSL and crypto hardware acceleration

Integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports

Provides 6 built-in Layer 3 Ethernet ports for WAN or LAN with port speeds ranging from 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps and up to 10Gbps, depending on platform model
All platforms have at least 2 Ethernet ports that can support Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP or SFP+) based connectivity in addition to 4 RJ-45 connections, enabling fiber or copper connectivity

DRAM: All Catalyst 8300 platforms have 8G default DRAM and can be upgraded to 16G and 32G for higher scale and performance

Flash memory support: All Catalyst 8300 platforms have an integrated on-board 8G flash and it is not upgradeable. M.2 storage provides upgrade options for additional storage

M.2 storage: All the Catalyst 8300 models ship with default 16G M.2 USB for SD-WAN logging and additional storage on the platform. It can be upgraded to 32G M.2 USB and 600G M.2 Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe)

Default dual power supplies

All Catalyst 8300 platforms ship with dual power supplies for redundancy.
AC Power over Ethernet (PoE), DC and high-voltage DC (HVDC) options are available on all models.
Enabling PoE portson Network Interface Modules (NIM) or on Service Modules (SM) requires at least one PoE supporting PSU to be installed

Modularity and form factor

1RU and 2RU form factor
Supports SM, NIM, and Pluggable Interface Module (PIM) slots

Integrated security: Hardware-anchored Secure Boot and Secure Unique Device Identification (SUDI) support for Plug and Play to verify the identity of the hardware and software