Microsoft Visio 2016

  • Change interface
  • New feature Smart Lookup
  • “Tell me” support

Reference price: 278$

Microsoft Office Visio 2016 is one intelligent diagramming program, integrated into the Microsoft Office suite of programs. It allows you to present your drawings in a visually beautiful way and without spending a lot of time. This is an essential tool for those who specialize in design, circuit drawing, construction…

Visio also provides many features that make your diagrams more meaningful, flexible and more suitable for your needs. In addition, you can copy your drawings through other software (such as: MS. Word, MS. Excel, …) for your convenience.

New features on Office 2016


Tool icons such as Word, Excel, or Powerpoint have been removed, instead only 3 icons save, redo, and undo are kept. Tabs are divided by vertical bar, before, tabs were stuck together, making it harder for users to see.

Tell me

Tell me is one of the new features of Office 2016. It’s a collection of tools or keywords that you enter, making it easier to control and select actions.

The ability to share documents online

The document sharing function on Office 2016 has been improved one step further. Accordingly, users can share documents with friends, or edit the same document with colleagues.

New feature smart lookup

This is a direct search engine with results from Bing. For example, if you highlight the phrase tienichmaytinh then right-click and select Smart Lookup, the results from Bing will be displayed directly on the document you are manipulating.


Allows groups of users to type content on the same Word document at the same time and see other people’s edits instantly. Currently only available for desktop versions of Word, PowerPoint and OneNote, not mobile devices yet.

Built-in Skype

A feature that supports direct communication when collaborating on document processing, integrated across Office Online versions and workstation applications, helping users to instant messaging (IM ) online, screen sharing, dialogue or video chat right in the text.

Office 365 Groups

Built-in in Outlook 2016 desktop app, and named Outlook Group (app) if used for mobile devices. This feature helps the whole team have a consistent experience across all devices.

Adding data from the Web to Excel

In the past, users had to copy and paste into Excel very time consuming. Not to mention if the computer has low configuration, when pasting the data is often jerky or laggy. In Office 2016, Microsoft has added the feature to add data from the web to Excel, making it easier for users to manipulate data.

Attach OneDrive files to Outlook 2016

Similar to Google Drive and Gmail, Microsoft also adds attachments from OneDrive to Outlook 2016.